in the beauty of that time
when you loved me
and i loved you
we laughed on the shores
of an island knowing that
one day this would come

and we would say
we will always have
napili bay


looking at the stars
from the darkness of a parking lot
and napping in the sunshine
from an open hotel room window

is so far away
and not so funny


in dim lighting
a dress circle

in the shadow
a steinway

notes brood
and keys
make thunder

until the storm
passes over

a melody


a sonata

that found its way
to seats
chosen specifically
for these final

a place

to admit
we are here


foreboding sounds
fall like rain
on paths of places
we will never see again

a song

that sounds like

the end


after you



i insist

after me


we are free
we are young
we are alone

to swim
to smoke
to dream

of past wives and loves
that loom in dreams
of past lives

where children born
cry for help
and go unheard

for a life debased to
cyclical pleasures



silently sipping
among silhouettes

perusing the bodies
of others

waiting for words

any words

there are no words

but i can hear schubert
in the shopping mall

a sonata

they are numbered

listen now
to #960

now come back

oh please
come back

to these thin words

out of the blackness

oh please come back

blue electric white
held down
and zapped again

searing the synapses
until light

then dark

hey buddy
stay with us now

oh darling

the dress circle

a kiss
a cab

now come back
please come back
to this luxury hotel

a bed

and the call
of the mourning dove
in the emptiness
of my room

a distant place

where i play custodian
to the memory of
your kisses
and orgasms


tall palm trees that sway
on long skinny poles

no longer the lover

i am the leaf that hangs
outside the window
waiting to finally fall

a release

from this lonely place
and memories of islands
soaked in rain

where cars race
past the window
another transient tourist
crashes into the pool


the door




dear miss
i miss

beside you

watching you do
your lazy crazy
half asleep walk
to the washroom
in the morning

watching you sit at your seat
above the street
with bulbs of lights that
brighten your flawless face

dear miss
i miss

turning to look
up at your window
from the street below
to see you watching me

a smile
a kiss


until i return to take your fake silk kaftan that i bought you loved it it was one of the first things i ever bought you you still love it still wear it i am sure you are still wearing it making dinner and you come to the door in it i hold you i hold your whole face in my hands and i kiss you i kiss your lips i kiss your pillow cheeks and then i pull you close to me so i can smell you run my hands down your back and up again then down again past your waist then i kiss your neck i kiss your ears i kiss anything i kiss everything i kiss whatever tickles my fancy then i sit down at the table our little table adieu notre petite table and it starts all over again

dear miss
i miss

(repeat forever)