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cigarettes out, please rise

Read this like you are watching a John Cassavetes film.

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72 hours

an unnamed protagonist shares every detail of their weekend one summer in may until one unfortunate event ends it.

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mayonnaise windshield

it was dark. we were young. 7-11 was the center of our universe.

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the golden hour

a lot of things had to happen for this to happen, for us to be here in this room together. at least a million little things in sequence, but i'm only aware of the weather.

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end times

news, printed on paper is dying. and in its final moments, it needs me. i know i'm not alone with these feelings.

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the anthology of lonely days (after O’Hara)

any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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the last sonatas

a poem in three movements that celebrates Franz Schubert's final sonatas. written under the pseudonym Chauncey Darling.

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town and treat

resort towns, ice cream and beer. poetry written under the pseudonym Chauncey Darling

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basketball (for Elyse)

Chauncey Darling pens a tall and thin poem for a mysterious "Elyse."

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remember when Lois Lane died and Superman made the world rotate in reverse so he could save her? written under the pseudonym Chauncey Darling.

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