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Trauma Novelle is a New York based performative musical duo composed of a collective of artists, musicians, and producers fronted by two protagonists, Alain Dior and N°5. Trauma Novelle incorporates aspects of cinema, theatre, floral, costume, and set design into expressions of sight and sound. The act favors venues known for their romantic pasts, lavish tragic current states, or any combination of the two. 


started: 2020 — ongoing

Trauma Novelle performing during shoot for Film 1

Shoot for Film 1, Fox Cabaret, Vancouver Canada

the dream story

Trauma Novelle started as a conversation between myself and the artist Dave Briker during the pandemic lockdown of 2020 when i was in Vancouver BC. We discussed producing a video for a song Briker had created earlier that year. My role as art director for the video shoot led to an ongoing position as creative strategist and performer in the project.

Trauma Novelle on a marquee sign in Los Angeles

Marquee sign for Performance 5 in Los Angeles

Trauma Novelle performing at Hotel Chelsea

Hotel Chelsea, New York City

Trauma Novelle performing at Club Cumming, NYC

Club Cumming, New York City

venues beyond the stage

As loosely as Trauma Novelle was formed, the act was clear in its intention to forego the conventional ways traditional bands were approaching their shows. Instead, inspiration was drawn from cinema, opera, and the theatre. Venues not typically associated with live performance were favored for their histories and aura. Shortly after its first public performance, Trauma Novelle found their way into restaurants, hotel rooms, private residences, and cabaret clubs in New York, Los Angeles, the south of Spain, and Vancouver Canada.

Trauma Novelle performing at Beauty Bar New York

Beauty Bar, New York City

collectively evolving

Trauma Novelle's mandate to front a growing collective of artists with two protagonists continues. In addition to the producers, engineers, and musicians responsible for creating music, Trauma Novelle has worked with art directors, filmographers and photographers, costume and floral designers, and other creative roles to bring its narrative to life through live engagements, films, and music.

Trauma Novelle performing in Spain

Death in the Afternoon, Gaucín, Spain

Trauma Novelle performing in Spain

Private residence performance, Gaucín, Spain

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