personal projects/nothing for us

nothing for us is a sporadically published newsletter that delivers episodic new york-centric content to its subscribers. the newsletter was launched at the birthplace of the new yorker magazine, the algonquin hotel, in october of 2019.

text-based / web-based

started: 2019 — ongoing


simply for us, and us only

created as an answer to the nepotism and click driven editorial decisions many publications are governed by, nothing for us has a strict disinterest in capturing zeitgeist with hot takes. the newsletter is less journalistic and more literary in nature. it also prefers to give voice to writers without prior history of being published.


episode covers on nfu's instagram

a standardized layout

the newsletter is published via substack and is available on a substack hosted website, but is best viewed as an email recipients get by subscribing. each episode of nfu includes a short introduction, two writing features, a list of interesting things to check out, a short restaurant review, and a featured artwork or video.


Season 2 - Episode 1: Midtown East, newsletter view

episodic inspiration

each episode of nfu subscribes to a theme that allows for light reference throughout its contenrt. past episodes have have been devoted to everything from new york streets and neighborhoods, to feelings of urban alienation and moments of grandeur. subscription is currently free.  


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