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the creative strategist


the practice of creative strategy thrives in the gap between an idea and its execution to harness results between underlying business objectives, and a creative concept, to drive the production and delivery of an experience.


a blend of left and right

that’s the foundation of creative strategy. my role goes beyond a technical understanding of business and user needs to form a partnership between dreaming and doing, theory and reality, emotion and logic, to define the aspirations, objectives, tactics, and performance indicators that make up a powerful strategy.

riding the rocky mountaineer in british columbia, canada


touring residential development complexes in beirut, lebanon

in a client's shoes

my role has introduced me to many accomplished people doing amazing things. to understand a client's perspectives, i try to absorb as much process, culture, and vision from their day to day experiences so i can help them succeed in their aspirations.

client list

it's a collaborative thing

the people I work with are incredibly good at what they do, and i’ve been lucky enough to be involved with engagements across a wide spectrum of brands, businesses, and organizations. from non-profits and product companies to apparel manufacturers, B2B technology groups, and utility providers, it's all about working together.

how it stacks up


years experience


new media & sculpture


based in the creative center of the world

reading the new york times

the only constant is change

i’m fascinated by the flux of technology and how its unrelenting change affects our experiences with brands, culture, history, and our collective perception of reality. i love studying the role brands play in our lives, and crafting narratives that add value to that relationship.

at work at engine digital

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how i help

• work collaboratively with organizations to discover and create their goals

• enable digital transformation, and turn organizations into content publishers

• understand today’s consumer and concept experiences around consumer behaviors

• identify new technologies or processes that solve business problems

• connect consumer touch points with great UX for seamless brand expressions & experiences

• establish workflows to evaluate, develop and distribute digital content


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